Don’t tell me August isn’t a four letter word.

I dread August.

What started as a journal process for my kids has turned into a bit of therapy for me, as well. Killing two birds with one stone is always welcomed in my world. In looking further into the ‘therapeutic side’ of my writing, I’m hoping my kids might one day understand me a bit better. Heck, maybe I will understand ‘me’ a bit better which will eventually help them understand me better. A storytelling snowball of sorts. And so it goes….

I will say it again. I dread August.

I despise August.

I hesitate to use the word hate since I typically reserve it for serious, severe issues. Things like heartbreak or death deserve that word. However, August now carries with it each of those for me. So perhaps I do have permission to say that I hate August.

What began decades ago as mild irritation with the month that marks the end of summer has now evolved to include the start of school, beginning of my husband’s busy season and the approach/inevitable arrival of winter. I think winter weather is stupid and should be reserved for polar bears. Those of you cold weather lovers can keep your ski gear where the sun don’t shine. Which happens to be southern Indiana anytime from November through March. (You knew what I meant…… right?!) Continue reading

On the road again. Again. Family Vacation our style.

We were fortunate enough to get a little more beach time this summer. In a grand attempt at welcoming my newest nephew into the family, my parents, brother’s family and my family descended upon North Carolina like a plague. In visualizing which plague, I’d have to say we would be the swarm of locusts.  Loud.  And everywhere.

All in all, we had a great week. There were the usual hiccups. And some unusual hiccups.

Whoever said that “half the fun is getting there” didn’t have 13 straight hours of requests for more drinks, snacks, movies, tech time, less shade, more shade, cooler temp, warmer temp, and on and on…..

Here are a few things I learned on vacation, as well as some random thoughts. And let’s be honest, most of my thoughts are random. Continue reading

Christmas in July 

I know many of you have apps on your phone that tell you how many weeks remain until Christmas.  Your gifts, if not already so, will be wrapped and hidden neatly in a closet before school starts. You likely already have your Christmas Eve brunch menu pinned on Pinterest.

Your ways confuse me. They are as foreign to me as the nearly naked African tribes that cover themselves in gourds.

You confuse me but secretly I admire you.  (YOU who are organized. Although I probably should admire the gourd people, as well. That ensemble looks tricky.)

Well, let it be known, you overachieving planners…..this year you’ve got nothing on me! Because I’m sending out my Christmas cards in July.  Continue reading

Fireworks, frat boys and freedom.

10:44 p.m. July 4th.

I adore fireworks. Always have. I love the patriotism they summon. I love the fact that they are typically accompanied by good weather. I love the split second delay between stunning visual and heart thumping audio.

I. Love. Fireworks.

So, suffice it to say that laying, sardine style, in a 150 square foot hotel room with five of my dearest is not my idea of a great way to spend the Fourth of July. Continue reading