Surrendering August

I am certain my angst with August seemed silly to many of you. After all, every year we send kiddos to school. And every year winter arrives and is eventually followed by spring. So, why on earth would a grown woman complain about an entire stupid month.


I’ve written and rewritten this post. I’ve trashed completed drafts in my attempt to share my thoughts. I just can’t seem to get it right.

You see, my intention is to share a bit about my lifelong friend. Known to me first as Krista Anne Lutterman.

It’s a gift to have a buddy, a kindred spirit, someone to share life with. It’s an entirely different thing altogether, a priceless treasure, to have someone you can share nearly every aspect of your life with for 35 years.

I had that.

Thank you, God.

But I, and SO many others, spent August of 2012 facing down the reality that our earthly relationship with someone we cherished was about to end. Continue reading