Parrots and Parenting

We recently became zoo members. In watching our kids’ enjoyment on our last few visits, I wish we had become members years ago! It’s not uncommon for us to leave church on Sunday, grab a quick lunch and head to the zoo for an afternoon stroll.  We’ve done this a handful of times in recent months and try to enjoy different parts of the zoo each visit.

It’s a rather perfect environment for our wild and crazy family because the kids can run relatively free and we don’t have to worry about them running away, being abducted or fret over potential mass casualties from their routine destruction. It’s educational, keeps their interest and sometimes keeps them occupied enough to allow me to have a conversation with my husband.

The zoo can be a magical place. Continue reading

Good Old Days

I have a confession that will not come as a shock to some of you. I  view the past with what some would call unhealthy sentimentality. Don’t fault me….I come by it honestly. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and in this instance the mighty tree is my father. As children, we drove him crazy. Like ‘forehead veins bulging’ crazy. As an only child my father was less than prepared for the volume and high speed playing, battling, arguing that existed in a house with three offspring. Don’t misunderstand. He was/is an amazing dad. He’s loving, kind, an incredible instructor with focus on what is worthwhile and noble.

But I remember several times in my childhood when I was certain his head was going to explode off his shoulders from frustration over something one of us had done.

Flash forward thirty years and my father will see kids acting out in restaurant, turn to my mother and say, “I don’t EVER remember our kids acting like that. Ahh, those were great times. Our kids were so good….” My dear mother typically rolls her eyes and mutters something about his ability to rewrite history. If she’s really feeling spunky she’ll tell the barbecue story. Continue reading