Snowmageddon 2016

We greatly enjoyed our snow day. While six people cooped up in one house does create a level of noise that rivals screaming jets, we managed to plan enough activity (inside and out) to keep it just below fever pitch.

Just below.

( We are unsure which he dislikes more….his snowsuit or his hair.) Continue reading

Humble Pie and Ice Cream

*Fair warning. If you don’t like ‘body talk’ or you believe discussion about certain parts should be left only to you and your doctor, skip this post:)

I’ve been told that I need to be more confident in certain areas of my life. It is a fact I’m aware of and I’m working on it. But let’s be honest, being a modern day woman is hard work and some days it’s not easy to feel super confident. There is pressure from a variety of outside sources that leads us (I say ‘us’ because I assume I’m not the only one….please, please tell me I’m not the only one) to feel less than adequate. The good news is that we can step through the doors of our home into the loving arms of our spouse and children and feel the confidence flood over us again.

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Treat Yourself. Forget the treat bags!

Dear Moms,

For the love of all that is right and good about motherhood, can we please call a truce? I am raising my white flag. Watch as I wave it wildly.

Can we please agree, as a collective group of mothers who love our children but also love our sanity, to abolish the guilt laden obligation to make treat bags?


To put it simply, let’s bag the bags, ladies. Please. Continue reading

Marketing Genius

It’s clear I spent just a tad too much time in front of the TV over Christmas break. The days were full of family fun but the evenings were free for me to channel surf. So I did!
It’s safe to say I am no genius but I did spend a few days learning about marketing strategies in college. In fact, I chose to major in the subject. My dusty, 17-year-old diploma (complete with the fact that I’ve never really directly used my marketing degree in my career) seems to give me just the right amount of ‘right to complain’ about what I feel are ad campaigns that completely missed the mark.

How ’bout that for a run-on sentence?!

Dear Marketing Executives: Continue reading