Good Will Wednesday

Despite the title, this isn’t a post about thrift shopping. (Although, I LOVE thrift shopping….so that will undoubtedly be another post.) This is a different good will. This is the ‘kindness towards others’ type.

I awakened today with a less than stellar attitude. I was tired. Although the sun had risen, I could not see it. For the 50th day in a row. The Grouch Monster, as we call it in our home, had gotten me.

I was also acutely aware of what awaited me. Ninety minutes of ‘Go, Go, Go!!’ and bathing and hair drying and teeth brushing and lunch packing and breakfast getting and shoe searching and crying over juice versus milk and lost papers and broken backpack zippers and wah, wah wah!!!

With much of the ‘wah, wah, wah’ coming from me.

Fortunately, one kind act shifted our morning. My husband was up early for no apparent reason. Instead of checking out ESPN or facebook for an extra twenty minutes, he decided to make us all breakfast.

*Now, before you go thinking this is going to be a love letter to my husband, let me stop you. I adore my man. Love him to pieces and wouldn’t trade him for another even if I do want to smother him in his sleep some nights. But I get super nauseous when I read other public professions of undying love. So, I promise never to do that to you.*

However, this small act of kindness by my main man caused a ripple effect in our morning. Five other people had a smoother start to their day because one individual made extra effort. Yes, cereal would’ve sufficed. No, Pop Tarts don’t mean you love your kids any less. It’s less about what was prepared (hash browns, scrambled eggs and bacon to be exact) and more about the intent behind the meal.

I felt cared for. The kiddos felt cared for.

And sometimes in this big ole world it just takes one small act of ‘caring for’ to make a difference.

One of our children was less than cooperative in going through the morning routine. After multiple attempts to redirect said child, I felt myself getting frustrated. As crazy as it sounds, the buffer between me speaking calmly and choosing to take an extra minute to find out what was going on in her brain versus speaking too harshly was that plate of food.

Cared for.

So, as I continue on my way fueled with super high cholesterol, I’m convicted to spread the caring. In an act of accountability to myself and challenge to you, I’m asking you to jump in on Good Will Wednesday. I was overwhelmed this morning to see just how many friends are requesting prayer for various issues, dealing with grief in the passing of a loved one or just facing typical, every day life challenges. Undoubtedly, we could all use a little extra ‘caring for.’

This idea isn’t novel. Random acts of kindness existed long before my husband decided to scramble some eggs for me. But in life, many times we don’t need a lesson….just a reminder.

I got my reminder this morning with a side of bacon.

Go spread some good will this Wednesday, friends! I’d love to hear how your day goes!


* If my husband ever takes me to Tahiti or finds a way for me to meet Ina Garten, all bets are off. Or buys me chocolate. Chocolate would also elicit a publicized love letter. Every time.

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6 thoughts on “Good Will Wednesday

  1. Love this Emily! The power of kindness is so amazing. Also agree…most times all we need are the simple reminders! Thanks for sharing. I just posted about a random act of kindness this morning, so hopefully that counts as my small part in Good Will Wednesday! 🙂

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