Dear Mother Who is Further Along (As seen on Scary Mommy)

Dear Momma who is further down the parenting path….

I’d like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at laughing off most of the parenting chaos. I can chuckle when the baby empties the dog water dish onto the floor for the second time. Or when the four year old knocks on my bedroom door after being put to bed. Again. Or when the second grader decides he does indeed want me to make his lunch. Five minutes before the bus arrives.

But the are times the laughter won’t come.

There is the third time the dog dish is overturned and I want to send it sailing across the room and watch it explode into a million tiny pieces against the wall. There is the unrelenting arguing from a child who I know, I know, has been blessed with a God-given talent for litigation. There are the eye rolls and sassy remarks and sibling rivalry and mess and bickering and chaos and LOUD EVERYTHING. Continue reading

Spring Breakin’

Leaves are appearing on the trees. Green grass is finally replacing the brown lawns and birds are chirping.

Children are unruly and less manageable than ever.

My teacher friends will be quick to tell you that Oh, happy day, spring break is right around the corner!

Many of you have fabulous plans for a beach or ski vacation, trips to visit family or touristy destinations. However, many of us will remain at home.(Cue small children and their sad faces.) For those of us staying put due to work, budget or simply to avoid travel, there are great options for a mini-break. The following are a few ideas for making the most of your Spring Break Staycation. I’ve included ideas for everyone (with added links to specific sites for my southern Indiana friends) that will allow you to enjoy time with family without going spring broke! Rain or shine. Continue reading

Good Will Wednesday (Part 2)

It appears the last week got the best of me and my crew. Two cases of strep throat. Three infected ears. An upper respiratory infection. And a partridge in a pear tree.

I won’t lie… I’ve been a bit absorbed in my own pity party over here. Even I can only handle myself in this emotional state for so long. (Not to mention my poor husband and kids who are likely ready to ship me off to Gratitude Camp.) So, in another attempt to regain some perspective (why does it seem I need to self-correct so often?!?!) I’m focusing on Good Will Wednesdays again today! Continue reading

Saturday Morning Acceptance Speech. 

 I would like to thank the Academy. The American Academy of Pediatrics, that is. I am thankful for their recommendation on number of hours children should sleep. A recommendation my children chose to ignore last night.

I am humbled in accepting this award for Worst Night’s Sleep Ever in the category of Exhausted Mom Whose Spouse Is Out of Town. The competition was stiff. I respect all the other nominees and truly wish you the best in winning this award away from me soon.

I’d like to thank my toddler. Your behavior from 2:45-3:30 AM was befitting of its own award from a different academy. The whimper for a drink that was quickly replaced with angry screaming when you realized the drink I provided was water was art. Pure art. Apparently your real need was for milk.

I would like to thank the farmers in our country who supplied healthy food so I was able to eat a nutritious diet during pregnancy. Had I not, it’s clear you simply would not have the lung power to sufficiently awaken the dead with your screaming. Continue reading

Family vacation. Same chaos, pricier location.

“I’m going on vacation. I’ll bring you back a souvenir suitcase. It’ll be full of love, but otherwise appear to be empty.”- Jarod Kintz


The six o’clock hour seems much more civilized than its five o’clock predecessor. I am awake and soaking in the quiet of the morning. The calm before the storm of the eight tiny feet.

In these early moments I will have a cup of tea and enjoy my morning devotional. It’s coveted time where I am able to read scripture, connect with God and set my mood for the day.

Peaceful. Purposeful.

Then I will search for a weapon to kill the bird in the tree outside my bedroom window.

Perhaps I need another devotional…… Continue reading