Good Will Wednesday (Part 2)

It appears the last week got the best of me and my crew. Two cases of strep throat. Three infected ears. An upper respiratory infection. And a partridge in a pear tree.

I won’t lie… I’ve been a bit absorbed in my own pity party over here. Even I can only handle myself in this emotional state for so long. (Not to mention my poor husband and kids who are likely ready to ship me off to Gratitude Camp.) So, in another attempt to regain some perspective (why does it seem I need to self-correct so often?!?!) I’m focusing on Good Will Wednesdays again today!

My inspiration was stirred by my friend Jennica who makes philanthropy a way of life for her family. She and her son routinely gather items for various organizations. Her consistent contributions have undoubtedly made an impact in our area. Be the Jennica of your neighborhood!

Here are a few simple ideas that even a mom drowning in bubble gum pink amoxicillin should be able to manage:

  • Buy extra groceries and donate a few staples to your local food bank. You may never know how much good you’ve done by supplying someone in need one of their most basic needs.
  • Local schools are planning their spring fundraisers. Donate items, purchase tickets or perhaps agree to babysit younger siblings so parents can enjoy the event with older children. (Hint, hint, Mom.)
  • Call your local homeless shelter and ask for a list of immediate needs. If you’re in the Evansville area, the Evansville Rescue Mission is collecting men’s socks, underwear and undershirts for the ‘Seats and Feets Drive.’ Drop off your donation at 421 E. Sycamore St. on Monday-Friday from 8 AM-5 PM.
  • Write a letter of thanks and encouragement to our active, reserve and veteran military via 
  • Pick up litter at a local park. Or at my house.
  • Support your local athletic teams! Sports teams are in full swing with their sales. Buy a discount card, some geraniums or a candy bar. If you’re local, I know 100+ football players who would beg to sell you some mulch!
  • Donate food and cleaning supplies to your local animal shelter. Volunteer to walk the dogs. Better yet, do both!
  • Buy a ticket to attend an event in your area that raises funds for neglected kids, elderly shut-ins or individuals with physical disabilities.
  • Send a check. Money talks when it comes to keeping charitable organizations moving towards their goal. My friend Laura made a doubly special donation when she wrote a check to my favorite charity on no particular occasion. Consider doing the same for a friend!
  • Pinpoint your passion. There is likely a philanthropy tied to every area of benevolent in life. Do you have a heart for single moms? Veterans? Orphans? Victims of abuse? Refugees? Google it….I can promise you there will be someone who would love your time, talents or resources to aid these people.

If you find yourself compelled to help scattered moms, boy do I have the lady for you!

Happy Good Will Wednesday, friends!






9 thoughts on “Good Will Wednesday (Part 2)

  1. Excellent ideas Emily! I’m likely signing up for picking up trash…in the neighborhood…a.k.a…your yard! Hahaha. You are too funny! Seriously though…great ideas! :0)

  2. Best blog yet? Lol
    Emily, you made my day (SO worth that midnight text to ask my permission to use my name!!!) Thank you for the kind words but isn’t it funny how sometimes the people we look up to are the same ones that look up to us! I have always loved your wonderful sense of humor and complete realness! Your kiddos are so lucky to laugh their way through life with you❤️ And I am lucky to call you my friend! I do love teaching my kiddos to pay it forward and I know you have taught yours the same!!!

      • Thank you for saying that!!! She leaves such huge shoes to fill! I don’t see any parks being renamed after me anytime soon? Would LOVE to do dinner even if it has to be at midnight!! Thank you again for putting me in your blog! Keep them coming… I’d love to see a book… Whip that up in your free time please ??

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