Sleep is a luxury. How to select a mattress, purchase fabulous sheets and create a soothing bedroom.

The bedroom is supposed to be a peaceful place. A sanctuary. Space for quiet, respite and relaxation. I’m happy to say our bedroom is exactly as I just described.

Except for the peaceful, quiet and relaxing part. It’s more like Romper Room, complete with screaming kids who choose to run and jump on every surface. If forced to describe the scene, I would not use the words peaceful or relaxed. would perhaps use the words Chuck E Cheese with a mattress and nightstands. 

I have friends who said their parents never allowed them into their bedroom. I love this idea but somehow missed the lesson on how to execute this effectively. Our kids want to watch T.V. in our bed, race circles through the room and barge in at all times. ALL. TIMES. Let me be clear, I do not want them in our bedroom at all times. No, no. Not at all.

Truthfully, outside of bedtime snuggles and morning cartoons and midnight scaries, I’d be fine if they thought there was an electric fence separating my bedroom from the hallway. I just need a bit of space where I can change clothes in privacy and sleep in peace.

Please, Lord, let it happen before I’m sharing a room with some other old lady at the nursing home.

It was a New Year’s resolution to set the stage for a bit more serenity in our bedroom. The list to accomplish this included the following:

  • Clean out all kid related items. This includes but is not limited to toy cars, Legos, plastic horses, crayons, Legos, Barbies and Legos. Did I mention Legos? For me to feel restful in a space that is largely supposed to be for sleep, I needed to avoid embedding a tiny piece of plastic in my foot before heading to bed.
  • Purchase new sheets. This was actually a request from Matt who, despite the fact that he brought a sandpaper sheet set into our marriage, is apparently rather particular about his sheets. La di da!
  • Shop for a new mattress. I just hate shopping for mattresses so very much that it hurt to type that sentence. I couldn’t ever seem to get a feel for a new mattress by lying on it in the store. And there is something super bizarre about pretend-relaxing on a mattress in the middle of a store where 5000 others have also pretend-relaxed. Complete with paper pillow protector.
  • Set the stage for sleep. This includes making the bed every morning so it looks inviting at bedtime, limiting tech/T.V. time and having some lavender oil to make my space smell more like a French field and less like a football field.

Being the diligent individual I am, I accomplished this list in no time.

Except not. Because this priority for peace and serenity was overruled by the daily insanity we like to call life.

Fortunately, oh so fortunately, I was contacted by eLuxury Supply (an online company based in Evansville, Indiana) to review some of their products. Apparently I fit one of their primary demographics and they wanted to know my thoughts.


I was so flattered that they think I actually have coherent thoughts after having four kids! And be still my heart, they asked that I review bedding and a mattress! I kid you not.

This lady with thoughts may just sleep peacefully before she enters the old folks’ home after all!

(Before I go any further, and in the interest of full disclosure, let me share a bit about my review. This experience was new to me and I’d like you to know that I was not paid for this review. However, I was given products to try and review in my home. As with this post, any future reviews will provide all details, good, bad and otherwise. This post contains sponsored links from eLuxury Supply. If you are tempted to stop reading at this point, I should let you know there will be a rather fabulous giveaway at the end. So keep reading!)

eLuxury Supply is a veteran-owned company and they publicize this fact prominently. As the daughter of a Naval officer, this bit of knowledge intrigued me and further lured me in. I was interested enough to watch the video of their inception. (Oddly enough, I actually investigated this company two years ago after purchasing one of their crib mattress pads. It is heavenly and seemed so appropriate for the fourth child who will undoubtedly face other adversities in life due to the fact that…..well, he’s the fourth kid in a wild crew. He should at least have a super fabulous, cushy mattress pad to comfort his sweet body after facing the slings and arrows of his siblings.) Anyhow, the story goes that eLuxury Supply’s owner was unhappy with the quality of luxury sheets he purchased as a gift for his wife. He was equally unhappy with the customer service he received from the company. The idea for eLuxury Supply began in his home and has rapidly increased to a booming operation. As they’ve grown, the focus has remained on having excellent customer service. Reaching out to me, they asked for input on their web design, ordering process from start to finish and customer service experience.

I had the opportunity to order my selected items directly from the eLuxury Supply website to get a feel for the company and the ordering process. I found the site to be quite easy to navigate but the photos did not fully convey the luxury feel. I was intent on a set of crisp white sheets but they were sold out due to a flash sale the company was conducting. I ultimately decided on the 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Striped Cotton in ivory. (Probably for the best since I can’t keep anything white anyway.) In addition, I had the pleasure to try out my very own ‘super fabulous, cushy mattress pad,’ officially called the Extra Plush Bamboo Top Mattress Pad. Why should the baby have all the fun? After all, I’m the one who has to chase after these little bed-jumping, circle-racing, toy-dropping monkeys!

I was most interested when they asked if I would review their 10″ Gel Memory Foam mattress. While we had not slept on a gel mattress before, this meant I would be able to for real relax versus pretend relax while trying out a mattress.

As mentioned, the site was straightforward, even if the stock photos were a bit lackluster. I was able to find what I needed rather quickly. When making my purchase, I was alerted that my product would arrive in one business day. We live near eLuxury Supply but this seemed fast even given close proximity. True to their word, I ordered on a Tuesday night and the box was on my doorstep by Thursday. It was packed efficiently which was a surprise since I assumed a mattress would require a box the size of my living room. The gel mattress actually shipped compressed, folded in half and rolled up. It was like a giant sleep burrito sweetly calling my name. When the thick plastic covers were punctured, the air caused the mattress to expand to it’s true size. It was quite entertaining to watch.

The Egyptian cotton sheets are amazing. AMAZING. I didn’t realize how chintzy my other sheets were until we started sleeping on the new set. They are soft but substantial, unlike the thin sheets we had been using for much too long. I once overheard someone say you can’t tell the difference in sheets with 600 thread count and those above that number. That person was sooooo wrong because these sheets are unbelievably superior to any I’ve used before. They are incredibly well made with pockets deep enough to easily fit under the mattress.

The mattress pad.Oh, the mattress pad. It is sumptuous with hefty pockets and baffled stitching. It is SO thick that I can see the outline of the individual baffles through the fitted sheet. It’s like a hundred fluffy little clouds. The bamboo blend fabric helps regulate body temperature…..a plus for my girlfriends who keep warning me about hot flashes. (I’m praying to get the baby potty trained before I have to face those.) The mattress pad skirt that envelopes the sides of the mattress is elastic. I previously purchased mattress pads that have what seemed to be a paper-like skirt. I’ve torn through more than one corner when making the bed. The elastic skirt is as well made as the top and seems able to withstand wear. A good characteristic in my home. If only I could show such signs of resilience! It is also machine washable. The mattress pad, along with the gel mattress and numerous other products, is made in the USA.

As for the Memory Foam gel mattress, it seems to be the right level of firm for me and Matt. We have not had a memory foam mattress previously so we weren’t sure what to expect. Everyone has their preference in this area and it can be difficult to have both spouses agree on the comfort in a mattress. Fortunately, I think we have a winner. However, should we have issues with our products, eLuxury Supply promises fast resolution, free shipping and free returns.

I’d love to tell you that since using our new bedding we’ve slept like babies. That would be a lie…..mainly because we have four babies. (Case in point here.) However, I can truthfully say that when we haven’t been awakened for drinks of water, bad dreams or ear aches, we have slept so very soundly. We captured a bit of the luxurious feeling that comes with quality bedding. I’m used to this level of quality when staying in nice hotels on business trips but not while sleeping at Crazy Town Inn. I now have some of the five star feel that eLuxury Supply provides to the Marriott hotels in my very own bedroom.

I will order from eLuxury Supply again. (In fact, currently I would like more ivory pillowcases. The sheet sets come with two cases but I like approximately 250 pillows on my bed.) I will order partly because they are a homegrown business and partly because they’re run by veterans of our military. However, I will reorder primarily because they offer products of great quality at a price point that is within reach for my family.

Also because I’m sleeping well. And when I’m asleep I’m not thinking of the toys that likely still exist under my bed.

Sleep is a luxury… eLuxury!



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