Good Will Wednesday (Special Phoebe Edition)

  I have been blessed with friends who see me through life’s highs and lows. A circle of support to hold me up when I want to collapse. Loved ones who laugh with me when times are easy and offer me a shoulder when it’s time to cry. Today I hope you will read this post in it’s entirety and consider this a personal request to participate in this special Phoebe Edition of Good Will Wednesday because one of my oldest, dearest and bests has a sweet little daughter who could use our good will today.

Sarah and I have been friends for decades, enduring junior high crushes and high school heartbreaks, spring breaks and a French Club trip to Europe. We’ve been bridesmaids together and for one another, we’ve laughed and cried and seen the best and worst we each have to offer. She has been part of my circle for too long to count and I want to make sure she feels her circle in coming days. 

Sarah’s daughter, who happens to be the sweetest, most precious three-year-old you could ever meet, has been diagnosed with DIPG, a rare, terminal tumor. Unfortunately, my offerings as a friend are limited. This is where you come in.

Phoebe loves animals. She’s pictured in this photo with her pup Maggie, but don’t be fooled….she doesn’t just love dogs. Phoebe loves animals of all kind! Her uncle has started a Facebook page called Phoebe’s Friends where people can upload photos of their pets. The request states:

We are asking anyone and everyone with pets of any kind to send a letter FROM THEIR ANIMAL along with a picture to her. Talk about what they do for fun, work, what they like to eat, etc. Flex your creative writing muscles. Please don’t mention anything about being sick. Just keep it light, fun, and make believe. Hoping she has something in the mailbox every single day. 

You can email her at: or send to:                                                            

Miss Phoebe Louise Dooley

14260 W. Newberry Road, #196

Newberry, Florida, 32669-2765

Thanks for your support and please spread the love.


I seldom make promises in writing but this is an exception. I can assure you that taking time out of your Wednesday to send a card or letter to this precious girl will be the best part of your day. Thanks to each of you for your prayers for and love of the Dooleys. 
Now, go! Ask your pets what they do all day when you’re gone. Write it all down because I bet you’ll be amused with their answers. As will Phoebe!