20% off adorable Tea Collection plus free shipping. Styles bound to suit your little cuties to a Tea.

Tea Collection, a personal favorite in our house, is having a big Memorial Day sale! My children have each had multiple outfits from their collections over the years. Tea Collection’s adorable clothing, ranging from tiny, precious layettes to bigger kid size 12, is made from super soft cotton and classic in style. It washes incredibly well so our pieces have been worn and loved MANY times over in our home. The wrap neck dresses have been popular with both my girls, eliciting minimal fighting which is important in the early years of dressing children. Who knew putting clothing on small children could be an Olympic sport?

We inherited one of our first Tea Collection dresses from a friend. My oldest daughter wore it frequently and passed it down to our younger daughter. It became one of her favorites, as well, but has now been passed on to our niece. I bore you with this dress genealogy to make the simple point that the dress still looks great! Years of wear through many kids and it has held up….prompting me to purchase several other styles over the last six years.

The simple styles and vibrant prints make their pieces rather timeless. Tea Collection designers travel the world twice a year to bring home adorable patterns. Since I will likely not be doing much globe trotting for the next….oh…say, 18 years, it’s nice to have a little worldly culture to enjoy in the meantime. I will just have to live vicariously through my daughters’ dresses. Wow, that looks even sadder on my computer screen than it did in my head……

In addition to quality clothing, Tea Collection takes pride in sourcing their materials responsibly so you can feel good about your purchase. As a company, they give back to the Global Fund for Children. One more reason I can justify buying MORE kids clothes. Shhhh….don’t tell my husband.

You can enjoy 20% off your purchases and free shipping at checkout. Valid now through Memorial Day- Monday, May 30th with code SUNNYSEASON.

Happy Shopping!

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