Career Day. I. Am. On. It. 

If you saw my kids today, you might be fooled into thinking I forgot to dress them for Career Day at school. But that is simply not the case. Don’t feel bad, though… we live in a society where people pass judgment quickly. So I will forgive you.

But I assure you I did not forget career day was today. No, no. Quite the contrary. 

In the past I have forgotten special days at school and only realized my error when 2,700 pictures popped up of every other kid in our school system dressed to impress. OR I’ve remembered the day and killed it with an awesome outfit. Only to realize hours later that this special day wasn’t going to be celebrated until next week. 

Still trying to live that one down with my nine year old. 

But not this year! Nope. This year not only did I remember the event but gave a thoughtful, politically correct approach to the day. 

My budding scientists preparing to practice their physics lessons.

My son wishes to be a biochemical engineer or an astrophysicist. Maybe both at once. Most of this work is done in the confines of a lab and special work clothes are not needed. So he chose to wear shorts and a t shirt today. Manyscientists wear plain clothes and my son only wished to prove that he is really interested and serious about the aforementioned careers. Well done, studious child. 

Likewise, my daughter, who wants to be a cardiothoraxic surgeon with a law degree, understands the inferiority that others might have felt had she worn a lab coat to school. So she chose to wear some skinny jeans and a purple ruffled top. The pony tail further aligned her with her peers. She’s so in touch with other people’s feelings. I’m such a proud mom. 

So before you judge my kids and assume they simply didn’t dress up for Career Day, take a moment and force yourself not to jump to conclusions. Too many people rush to snap judgements. Judgements such as thinking these poor kids are being reared by a mom who forgot Career Day. For shame on your judgment.  

Ok, I forgot. 

But for the record, if anyone asks, I intentionally put my child in summer clothes and sandals on fall preschool picture day. Complete with pumpkin and hay backdrop. 

I definitely did not forget. Definitely. 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 

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6 thoughts on “Career Day. I. Am. On. It. 

  1. Reid and 50s attire was definitely the best! Then why do you always blame yourself… Shouldn’t dad remember such momentous days in the child’s life? Lol…just kidding Matt…kinda… 😉

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