Faith, Family, Friends. And Amazon Prime.


There is likely some sarcasm expected from me most days. However, this is a genuine attempt to share something that I REALLY like. Amazon Prime. 

Our family likes Amazon. Maybe a bit too much. Maybe bordering on unhealthy. We have been Prime members for six years. I originally purchased Prime as a gift for my History/Government teacher husband who wanted access to specific historical films for his classroom.

B. O. R. I. N. G.

But who am I to judge? Maybe today’s teens really dig John Adams films.

I digress.  What began as a gift for his movie access has turned into a bit of an addiction for buying books, toiletries and just about anything else you’d ever need, with free two day shipping. And to think that when I got my first Amazon gift certificate in 2001 I didn’t know what they offered. So I bought the first thing that popped up on the screen.

A set of Kitchen aid measuring cups.

I live big, friends.

Let me state that buying local is important. We support local businesses for produce, meat, way too much ice cream, home decor and clothing. But some things I’d prefer to buy through another venue. Such as uber cases of toilet paper.

Cause six people use a lot of toilet paper.

At the risk of sounding like an Amazon commercial, I want you to know I have not (yet) been chosen as their national spokesperson. Something about me stalking them and poor organizational skills, catching food on fire, yada yada yada. I can simply tell you that I like this service very much. It has provided the opportunity to purchase some VERY last minute gifts. And we all know that last minute is my MOA.


One of Amazon’s original series won at the 73rd Golden Globes. To celebrate, this weekend new members can get a one year membership for $73, which is a $26 discount off the usual $99 cost.

As a busy mom, it has been such a help to be able to order most anything at the click of a button. It also serves as a good measuring stick for reviewing product quality when buying locally. We now use Amazon for streaming movies and shows, purchasing assorted daily household products from windshield wipers to face wash, and grabbing last minute Christmas gifts on December 22nd. Which might have been most of them.

How do I use Amazon Prime?

To buy this It’s a Ten spray so I don’t have to listen to my girls scream while I brush their hair.

To buy diaper cream because, despite the fact that I will shop ten times this week, I will NEVER remember to grab this one item.

Ummmmm…..this one needs no explanation, right?

To watch a little guy’s Christmas wishes come true.


Until Amazon responds to my daily letters begging them to put me in one of their commercials (do they have commercials?!), I will remain a loyal, toilet-paper-case-buying Prime customer.

Would love to know the most bizarre or frequently purchased item you get from Amazon!!


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6 thoughts on “Faith, Family, Friends. And Amazon Prime.

  1. We buy wayyyyy too much too, but my favorite save is Kitty Litter! I can’t stand dragging the 20 lb boxes from the shelf to the cart to the car to the house. I have no idea how they make money on it when it has to cost 20x what I paid for the shipping… Oh wait, probably from the other
    million items we purchase monthly!

  2. If it’s not sold on Amazon I don’t usually buy it! Seriously…subscribe and save for diapers…HOW did I not know this until my 4th child! Other ransoms…electric toothbrush heads, mini water bottles to be used as sippy cups, ingredients and containers for homemade deodorant and Vicks vapor rub. I could go on!

  3. I too subscribe and save on toilet paper, paper towels, deodorant, razors, shampoo, conditioner and pretty much anything that will lessen the number of trips I have to make to Walmart :). Plus I never remember those “essentials” when I am at the store.

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