Trying to find my way. Part-time job status, Waco, Texas and Magnolia Market. Here I come!

My mother has an ability to make the best of any situation. This lovely trait was not passed down to her first born. I often prefer to grumble rather than see the silver lining….but I’m learning. Slowly.

I was overjoyed to land a part-time sales position. However, leaving for nine days of sales training in Dallas did not lead to excessive joy. Taking a page from my mother’s book, I attempted to make the best of my time in Texas. I’m a Hoosier by birth and at heart but my Daddy (normally Dad but I’m writing about Texas y’all!) is a Texan. We made numerous trips here in my youth to visit his fantastic cousins and their families. We adore our crew in Waco, Texas which is also home to Baylor University. In recent years my excitement to visit has been increased by my love of Fixer Upper, the HGTV show featuring Chip and Joanna Gaines. Chip and JoJo, as she is referred to by her hilarious husband, seem to be the couple next door. I can relate to a bit of their ‘situation’ as they have four kids and seem to enjoy harassing each other considerably. My kind of people. Their show is also one of only a handful that Matt and I willingly watch together.

When it was confirmed that we’d have to stay over the weekend in Dallas but had no formal training, I decided a visit to see my family and Magnolia Market was in order. I mentioned the idea to a few others and several ladies were interested in the trip, as well! Waco is a little shy of two hours south of Dallas. We were five wild and crazy women making our way to Waco.

Our first adventure started around 9:20 AM when we passed a Texas Highway Patrolman. Stacey, one of my new training buddies let me know law enforcement was nearby. (Cause, you know, I’m the kind of gal who needs to keep an eye on law enforcement.) I made sure I had the car on cruise because I may/may not be prone to speeding tickets. May. The answer is may. We joked about ‘gettin’ a ticket in Texas’, had a quick chuckle and continued south. It couldn’t have been ten minutes later when the old blueberries and cherries were dancing in my rear view mirror. I was pretty certain I wasn’t speeding…but again, old habits die hard so I wasn’t totally convinced of my own innocence.  A fresh faced, cowboy hat wearing trooper arrived at my window. Fortunately, he was incredibly gracious as he explained my wrongdoing, which happened to be traveling in the left lane after passing. Upon further explanation, it was more of an issue that I was tailing someone who wouldn’t move their own tail into the right lane.


He let me off with a warning but asked that I come back to his vehicle to sign the paperwork. All I could imagine as I headed towards the passenger seat was the nest containing 15 rattlesnakes waiting to latch onto my already torn jeans and bare ankles. I have a rule with Matt that he goes before me in tall grass. I wasn’t sure Trooper C would comply if I asked him to lead the way and open my door…..BUT it’s Texas and aren’t these southern men supposed to be gentlemen? I should’ve asked…….

Trooper C likely sensed my embarrassment as four new friends sat in the car and I completely zoned out, envisioning the scenario where I explain to my husband how I managed to get another ticket. A brief daydream where I tell my law abiding, speed limit following husband that I have gotten pulled over. For the second time. Yup, definitely JUST the second time. Pulled over for a reason I don’t fully understand at that point. It is during this ‘zone out’ that I hear Trooper C say, “Looks like your friends are taking some pictures.” Sure enough, new friend Fatemeh has her arm hanging out the back window and is taking some pics for postery. Her husband is a police officer…so she’s a wee bit gutsier than I am. At this point, I muster up the nerve to ask if I can get a pic with him. He says, “Sure…I’ll walk you back to your car.”

DANG IT. He totally would’ve led the way into the weeds had I asked.

Trooper C complied and had what I can only describe as impeccable posture in said photos. He was a good sport and incredibly kind. He left us and went back to keeping the highway safe. We continued south headed for Chip and JoJo, our best friends who don’t yet know they are our best friends.


This Texas Trooper made my day with a warning and an incredible highway pose.

Traumatic events like traffic stops bond new friends forever. Shopping and cupcake eating helped soothe the trauma for Lyn, me, Stacey and Annie.


I got embarassed after two pics. These ladies were way more fun! Fatemeh’s husband is an officer in CA so she was much more confident in this scenario.

More to come
on what began as a typical sales training and ended as great fun! Lots of great pics from the best BBQ joint in Waco, my visit with my awesome family and a great trip to Magnolia.
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7 thoughts on “Trying to find my way. Part-time job status, Waco, Texas and Magnolia Market. Here I come!

  1. Only you (or your crazy Mama) would have enough guts to ask and get these pictures with a TX State Trooper!!!! Can’t wait for ‘the rest of the story.’ You ROCK girlfriend!!!

  2. Love your blog!! I always send it to my daugher who has twin 1 year-olds….

    Best wishes. PS Great flair in wordsmithing.

    (retired from Castle North/English)

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