You don’t have to keep asking me……because I FINALLY tried the Walmart Grocery pickup service today. Review below. 

So, I did it. 

After weeks of hearing how all my friends have tried the quick pick-up option at our local Walmart, I gave in. If we’re being completely honest here (which I hope we are because why the heck not!) I will state that Walmart is not my first choice when purchasing groceries. The reasons vary and have a little to do with the fact that sometimes they only have three of their three hundred lanes open. And a little to do with the fact that its just really big and I hate hauling myself from one corner to another when I need only milk and a greeting card.

However, they have everything.

‘Everything’ now including the option to have your groceries available for free, drive-through pickup. They advertise that they’ll even load it into your car.

If we’re being completely honest….again, let’s do that…..I initially thought this sounded like maybe another sign that society has taken a bit of a nosedive. 

If we’ve gotten to a point where we can’t walk ourselves into the grocery to pick out our own food and toiletries, what is next? People following us around to pick up our trash as we casually drop things on the ground once we’re done with them? What kind of world are my kids going to be living in???

This daydream was immediately followed by the realization that I currently purchase SO many things from Amazon. SO. VERY. MANY. THINGS. 

Things that I could totally pick up from an actual store. 

Dog food. Sippy cups. My favorite face wash made just for lucky middle-aged women who have the privilege of break-outs AND wrinkles. Because experiencing just one or the other wouldn’t be quite as exciting.

I rely on our membership to have items dropped at my door when I’m too lazy, too strapped for time or just find a really good deal online.

In essence, the Walmart Online Grocery Pickup option is similar. With the exception that you still have to drive to the store. Which I asked dear husband to do. So, score for me!

Now that you know I have an absolute adoration for Amazon Prime, and adding my complete obsession with ALDI (which really requires its own blog post later), I will say it wasn’t initially easy to decide what to buy via Walmart Grocery. 

But two friends shared a referral that offered me $10 off of a $50 purchase (get yours here) that served as a great motivator. I also needed a boatload of school supplies. If there’s one thing Walmart has always delivered on for me, it’s inexpensive school supplies.

Considering I need roughly three thousand glue sticks to satisfy each child’s school supply list, I’ll take all the help I can get.

Here are my thoughts on the entire experience:


  • There is an app available that made the experience much easier. Named Walmart Grocery. Easy enough.
  • It’s simple to do a basic search for an item to see all available brands and sizes.
  • Sale and Rollback items are featured on the site.
  • You have to select a time slot for pickup. (Pro and Con. Pro if you’re regimented and know exactly what your day holds from hour to hour. )
  • Two friends mentioned they received a larger quantity of an item in exchange for the smaller item price because Walmart didn’t have the size they ordered. Nice surprise!
  • You don’t have to leave the comfort of your vehicle.
  • Everyone (including me!) is currently sharing their referral code which offers the shopper (you) and the referrer (me) $10 off $50 purchase. Here it is again!



  • Compared to other ‘delivery’ services, you still have to actually ‘go’ to the store. Woe is me. (Hand to head, fainting gesture.)
  • My husband had to wait a bit to receive our order due to the busyness of the delivery service. There is a call-ahead option that allows them to pull your items and have them waiting for you. 
  • You don’t know until you arrive what might not be included in your order. For example, I ordered three sets of Crayola Washable Markers and didn’t know they weren’t in stock until we picked up the order. This is my last remaining school supply and I wanted these lists DONE!!!!
  • The same day option was not offered at our store so I had to schedule for the next day. (Edit: According to a few local friends, the same day service IS still an option. It just isn’t always an available option.)
  • You have to select a one hour window for pickup. (Pro and Con. Con if your day gets up-ended and you can’t make your time slot. If this happens, you can simply call and reschedule.)
  • Alcohol sales are limited in certain states. (But again with the honesty….if you have to use a drive through for your liquor, we might need to talk.)


There you have it. My two cents on the new Online Walmart Grocery delivery service. All in all, a nice option if you want the convenience of mass selection at a big box store without having to physically make your way through the big box!

One last time…….your code for $10 off a $50 purchase. Can only be used once per person. You’ll get your own to share after you make your first purchase!

Have you tried Walmart Grocery delivery? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts, pros and cons. Will you be using it again? 

Happy clicking, friends!


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14 thoughts on “You don’t have to keep asking me……because I FINALLY tried the Walmart Grocery pickup service today. Review below. 

  1. I always laugh…but had to especially hard bc my last two Amazon orders were TOTALLY dog food and sippy cups! ?

  2. I was the first in my circle of buddies to do it, so I didn’t get the coupon, but my pros and cons are the same as yours after trying it this week. My main reason for disliking Walmart is the same, too – it’s just too big! We do Ruler for dry goods and Shnucks for produce.

    Walmart’s service is convenient, but they are currently holding two bags of lettuce and a container of mushrooms that I paid for that weren’t included with my order, and having to go back over there negates the initial convenience. Sigh. Guess I’ll have to buck up and actually get out of the car and go into grocery stores again. Life is so hard sometimes. Ha. 😉

    • Soooo hard?. What a bummer on the repeat trip. I agree….totally defeats the purpose.
      I think my Aldi obsession is primarily due to the small store size. Same with Ruler. In and out in 20 minutes!! Loved hearing your thoughts ?

  3. My grocery store in Iowa will deliver groceries and place them on my kitchen counter! (Free as long as I spend $100.) We love it!!

    Another pro of shopping online is I usually spend less, no impulse buys. You can review your order before purchasing and stop yourself from accidentally spending $13 on a bag of cherries, for example 🙂

  4. Love your take on things, friend. keep writing! btw, you should totally change schools…ours only requested 2,900 glue sticks this year.

  5. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! I saw this advertised and wondered where there was room enough for everyone park beside the store from 4:00 – 6:00. It’s nice to know this option is available for handicapped people or sick people in need of groceries. You did your ‘good deed’ for the day!

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